Driving Range at Skare Park

Driving Range at Skare Park

Flagg, Fowler & Skare Road Rochelle, IL 61068 Phone: 815-562-7813 Visit Website

Whether you are a golf fanatic or a beginner, driving ranges are wonderful places to practice, experiment with your club selection, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and have some fun!


Driving range (at Skare Park)

Pet Friendly: Yes - with leash Hours Mon: Sunrise-Sunset Hours Tues: Sunrise-Sunset Hours Wed: Sunrise-Sunset Hours Fri: Sunrise-Sunset Hours Sat: Sunrise-Sunset Hours Sun: Sunrise-Sunset Hours Holidays: Sunrise-Sunset Equipment Rental: 4 day bike rental $18, 4 day picnic pack $18 bags $5 Group Sales Phone: 815-562-7813 Group Sales Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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